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New Tool Eases Creation & Distribution of Restaurant Coupons over Facebook, Twitter and More

SocialGrub, the first comprehensive social media marketing solution aimed at restaurants and retailers, recently announced the beta launch of its platform. SocialGrub enables restaurants and retailers to create, manage and distribute or syndicate coupons, offers and marketing promotions via social networks and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
Social Media allows businesses to reach one the fastest growing advertising market. Facebook alone has over 300 million active users with half of them logging on every day and more than 10 million users become fans each day. In the first half of this year the two fastest growing age segments were ages 35-54 with 190% growth and ages 55+ with 514
Atlanta-based restaurant sings SocialGrub's praises
"After realizing the importance of having our brand (f2o, Fresh To Order) participate in social media such as Facebook and Twitter we knew we needed to jump in with both feet. Biggest issue we were experiencing was the time it takes to truly be involved managing a successful campaign. We tested everything from small simple applications to expensive groups with mixed results. Then we joined SocialGrub. Their one-touch publishing feature sends our offers directly to Facebook and Twitter within seconds and saves us so much time, freeing us up to analyze and create results instead of trying to manage them. We really enjoy how the SocialGrub application can be sent to friends and their "print-on-demand" coupons are very cool. I'd recommend SocialGrub to every restaurant/business that wants to maximize their Facebook and Twitter presence in one easy concise tool," says Fresh To Order€™s Jesse Gideon.
SocialGrub is a new service that brings powerful social media marketing tools to the restaurant and retail industry. By harnessing the power of the Internet and utilizing social networking resources such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and widgets, restaurants and retailers will be able to more effectively market and promote their businesses online through a broad range of social media marketing channels.
SocialGrub allows restaurants and retailers to create coupons, instant offers, discounts, and other promotions once and then automatically distribute them through their own branded Facebook and MySpace applications, as well as on Twitter and other micro-blogging sites and through widgets. SocialGrub is a leader in social media marketing solution for restaurant and retail industries and is based in Boca Raton, FL. The company also has offices in Huntsville, AL and Menlo Park, CA.
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