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New Reservation Software Boosts Bottom Line

RestaurantConnect has launched a robust restaurant management software portal offering restaurants the ability to manage reservations, customer dining profiles, and marketing campaigns, all from a single application. It is available in tiered subscription levels for a low monthly fee. RestaurantConnect followed the launch of its software with the introduction of a reservation portal for consumers.
Restaurant veteran Adam Christopher and cofounder Jennifer Mach established RestaurantConnect after identifying a critical need for a more cost-effective reservation solution that both protects restaurants’ bottom lines and evolves with the changing, ever more digital landscape of guest engagement.

Advantages of RestaurantConnect’s reservation management solution include:
· Unlimited Reservations From Anywhere: RestaurantConnect accepts online reservations directly from restaurants’ websites, as well as from within a Facebook app that integrates seamlessly with Facebook Timeline and other social media websites.
· One Low, Flat Fee: RestaurantConnect reduces the cost of online reservations for restaurants and makes it easy to forecast monthly expenses. Compared to the leading restaurant reservation system, RestaurantConnect charges a low monthly subscription fee, and never charges per guest per reservation.
· Quick, Easy Migration: Restaurants with an existing online reservation system can easily export all proprietary information, including guest profiles, from the existing system and can go-live with RestaurantConnect within a matter of days.
· Social Media Integration and Marketing Toolbox: RestaurantConnect puts owners and managers in the driver’s seat with a complete set of marketing tools to engage with diners across multiple channels. Restaurateurs can select exactly what promotional information to offer customers, including news, happy hours, limited time incentives, and more. With an easy-to-use Facebook app, diners can make a reservation, invite friends, and post reviews to their Facebook timelines.

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