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New Marketing System Merges Online Sales with the POS

BigHollerMarketConnect now enables limitless customer marketing capabilities through post-sales data sharing to BigHoller's international online ordering brand. This new product was inspired by another integration tool, BigHollerPOSConnect. With BigHollerPOSConnect, menus and orders from online ordering are exported out in a standardized format readable by virtually any POS system.

This process allows compatibility to any POS and provides a cost effective option for customers looking to merge their online sales with their in-store POS.

BigHoller's BigHollerMarketConnect does with post-sales data what BigHollerPOSConnect does with pre-sales data. By exporting out this information in a standardized form, any marketing software or marketing company can have complete detailed data for tracking, analysis, and marketing efforts.

BigHoller's BigHollerMarketConnect now makes that data completely available. Customers can potentially choose any marketing solution that works best for them and to its full potential.

BigHoller's product is available to all BigHoller customers and any third party marketing solutions firm wanting to include online ordering as part of its sales and marketing strategy.

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