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New Distribution Platform Integrates with PMS

Single and Multi-property hospitality owners and operators no longer have to wait for a fully functional, fully flexible, seamlessly integrated system for centralized management of their ever-expanding distribution channels. IQware just launched its IQlink Platform, offering in-depth integration in a property management system (PMS). IQlink also empowers all sizes and types of hospitality properties ? limited- and full-service hotels, resorts, condos, condo-hotels, timeshares and vacation rentals ? to distribute their inventories on their channels of choice.
A typical two-way global distribution system (GDS)/PMS interface enables a push to the GDS partner’s rates and inventory as well as retrieval of bookings. With the increased availability of direct-connect interfaces, PMSes have had to build and maintain many connections to countless distribution partners. These systems typically don’t use a centralized distribution management platform. Thus, they create more work for hospitality property owners and operators trying to maintain rate parity and manage an ever-expanding world of distribution channels IQware’s IQlink addresses these challenges simply, smartly and completely by creating a fluid, intuitive, integrated platform of channel availability via a centralized, hosted distribution management platform.
IQlink offers a hosted platform with seamless connectivity to more than 750 leading distribution channels. The new solution features a myriad of built-in tools for maximizing the power of distribution, and leveraging evolved yield functionalities to optimize revenue. IQlink ensures seamless distribution to channels of choice via the least-expensive route. If a direct-connect exists, IQlink uses that; otherwise the platform directs inventory via IDS connectivity, or GDS channels.
With IQlink, the CRS maintains and distributes optimized information on rates, unit types, images and property rules. IQlink can be used in property call centers, providing booking details from reservations made from any point of entry. The concept behind the IQlink Platform is simple: When there are fewer connections, there are fewer costs and fewer points of potential failure.
How IQlink Works
IQlink integration enables:
* IQpms to push selected rates to IQlink or have IQlink push rate rules to IQpms for central rate management; and
* IQpms to push any predetermined percentage of unit type or unit availability to an IQlink client to use this information to build the distribution plan within IQlink;
* IQlink users to shop among online competitors and take immediate and/or automated actions based on results;
* Publication of distribution data to all channels and retrieval of all bookings; and
* Booking data to include specific rate information, booking rules, deposit and cancellation rules, booking sources, campaign/promotion information, guest information, etc.

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