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New Digital Marketing Tool Designed to Build Loyalty

While celebrity chefs may be afforded the ability to hire marketing and PR agencies, the daily life of the independent restaurant owner paints a drastically different picture. Often working an average of 60-80 hours a week, small business owners originally opened a restaurant to serve delicious food but often end up having to focus on everything else besides their primary passion.
Between paying several companies such as suppliers, marketing and social media “experts,” and managing staff and restaurant operations, it’s no wonder that small business owners are seeking relief. Losing money with daily deal sites with the hopes of bringing in more customers, restaurant owners have been asking for a more effective and profitable way to do business.
Dining Dialog has launched eateria as an affordable answer. A more effective and affordable alternative to Fishbowl Inc., eateria is a digital loyalty marketing tool that allows business owners to build customer loyalty all from one online tool. Specifically created to meet the needs of the restaurant, food service and hospitality industry, eateria is a one-stop shop combining the effective methods of email, social media and mobile marketing.
eateria also has the first and only coupon validation system to allow business owners to track and validate coupons, preventing costly reprints.  

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