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NCR Boasts New POS Printer Can Save Restaurants $2,300 a Year per Site

NCR Corporation recently announced a more efficient way for food service operators to track consumer orders, the new NCR RealPOS Receipt Label Printer. The new printing solution can help food service operators identify and track orders up to 30 percent faster than traditional methods, such as tape or a grease pencil.

The new printer uses NCR's innovative, food-safe Receipt on Label thermal receipt paper, featuring zoned adhesive technology. With this technology, an optical sensor advances the paper roll to the proper point, ensuring that it never cuts through adhesive. This capability dramatically reduces paper jams and wasted paper and can increase staff productivity.

Based on a sample NCR Business Impact Model, the solution could save operators more than $2,300 a year per site through reduced material costs. Additionally, in one year 7,300 more orders could be completed with higher accuracy and throughput, resulting in $32,000 in extra revenue.

Food service operators report that up to 15 percent of orders have errors, resulting in waste, increased costs and dissatisfied customers. This trend is compounded as operators expand their menus, grow their take-out business and provide more choices for consumers in order to stay competitive. The new NCR printer provides a means for these companies to track custom orders and identify or separate take-out and drive-through orders. This capability can improve customer satisfaction, enhance accuracy and reduce fulfillment time by clearly identifying and labeling orders in one step, while simultaneously reducing waste.

Based on the widely-deployed NCR RealPOS 7198 printer platform, the NCR RealPOS Receipt Label Printer quickly integrates into a facility's existing technology infrastructure and can also be used as a standard, single-sided receipt (non-label) printer.
The printer can be configured for 80mm and 58mm sized labels, providing it the flexibility to accommodate narrow-width beverage cups in order to track customer beverage orders, such as coffee.
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