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Nashville Holiday Inn Express Properties Gain Greater Visibility into Day-to-Day Operations with Quore

With 15 years of hotel management experience, I have witnessed firsthand countless technology transformations in the hospitality industry. When I started managing the Holiday Inn Express in Brentwood, Tenn., I noticed a lack communication between departments and shifts, inefficient systems to access essential day-to-day operations and several roadblocks to accurately forecast inventory and maintenance needs to the property’s owners.
My teams were using old school radios that never really worked properly. The front desk associates would have to leave the desk unattended to track down housekeeping or maintenance just to relay a simple message. Faulty technology, physical logbooks and preventive maintenance binders, and manual maintenance reports all contributed to an outdated, inefficient system that required my physical presence at the property to gain visibility into internal operations. While I wanted to track trends and identify systemic issues at my property, it was virtually impossible to do so because I was confined to the restraints of the existing system.
When I was tasked with managing another Holiday Inn Express property, there became an even greater need to identify a long-term solution for managing internal operations.
The Holiday Inn Express property owners suggested that I check out Quore, a Nashville-based hospitality software solution that supports hotels in streamlining operations.
As soon as I tried it, I got it. It was a one-stop-shop for everything I needed. I could be at either property and have a better grasp of what was going on than I could before at the property sifting through logbooks and tracking down staff members.
Quore replaced the handheld radios with mobile devices, opening the door for all departments to communicate with each other when needed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could even create and send translated checklists to non-English speaking staff members.
I was able to gain visibility into day-to-day operations like never before. Going digital with our physical logbook, preventive maintenance forms and housekeeping inspections increased accountability with the whole team. Not only can I access room inspections, log sheets and daily deposit records, I can even see when a staff member opens the logbook.
The forecasting tools allow me to plan ahead for hotel assets – from mattresses to air conditioners – to track the condition of the assets and predict major expenses. While using the Capital Expenditure feature, I was able to budget for the replacement of thirty air conditioners and communicate that expense to the property owners well in advance.
Implementing Quore into my properties has improved communication across departments and shifts, enhanced visibility into day-to-day operations and reports and allowed me to predict and communicate expenses to the property owners. Equipped with mobile devices, my staff is now able to create, send and report property and guest-related issues to fellow staff and managers in real time, saving time and allowing staff members to address and remedy guest requests more efficiently. In addition, Quore allows me to receive a quick snapshot of my properties remotely, so I can easily drill down into a singular issue or view broad trends across properties. This visibility enables me to both identify patterns and trends as well as systemic issues to increase guest satisfaction and forecast needs. 
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