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MyCheck Debuts ‘Front Desk Widget’ for Frictionless Check-In, Check-Out

MyCheck announced that its "Front Desk Widget" is available to any hotel running on the Micros Opera platform, regardless of size or brand affiliation. Hotels can add the widget to their website, mobile website and mobile app to enable guests to check-in, view their folio, and check-out with just a click.
Guests access the Front Desk Widget on the hotel’s website, mobile website or app by entering their confirmation number and last name (similar to airlines). Before they arrive, guests use the Widget to choose rooms, request upgrades and receive room status alerts. Upon arrival, guests can bypass the front desk and go straight to their rooms. Onsite, guests use the Widget to view their folios (data is pulled in real time from the PMS). Upon departure, guests check-out via the Widget, using their laptop, tablet or smartphone.
To demo the frictionless Font Desk Widget, click here.
The Front Desk Widget from MyCheck is designed to "Wow" guests while saving hoteliers development and integration time, the company said. The company has already done the work of integrating to the PMS, crafting the UX/UI interface, and "bullet-proofing" the guest experience. For those hoteliers who aspire to offer the same interactive functionality as the big brands without spending thousands of dollars and several months on development, the widget is said to be an ideal solution. 
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