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Motel 6 Encourages Road Tripping with New Website —

Beginning this spring, Motel 6 will develop a series of American journeys as part of its new Web site, in order to encourage travelers to experience the American road trip by highlighting several of the country's historic and culturally significant destinations and locales.

The series kicks off in April with the unveiling of the "Motel 6 Jazz Journey." This journey is designed to encourage travelers to experience the American road trip by tracing the roots of jazz music. The route will follow the famous "Circuit" between New Orleans and Chicago traveled by countless legendary musicians. It is truly one of the most historically vibrant threads of American music history.

In the future, the site will add new Motel 6 journeys with opportunities for travelers to explore and share their experiences of America. These journeys will include such attractions as AmericaÃ.‚¬™s National Parks as well as regional wine tasting tours and foliage tours. 

Through informative and interactive features on web site, Motel 6 will guide guests on their chosen journey while highlighting comfortable and affordable accommodations available on the route.

The web site will begin by featuring videos from the inaugural "Jazz Journey" with lists of jazz venues for each city on the "Circuit." As other journeys are added travelers can participate in the Goin'6 community by posting messages and videos of their experiences. Visitors will also have the option of customizing their journey by choosing their own route, picking the sites of most interest to them and developing their own time frame for the journey.
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