Minute Man Burgers Newest Benefit: COVID-19 Insurance

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Minute Man, the classic Arkansas restaurant brand, is introducing a concept called SmartSpace that uses air sterilizing technology and innovative measures to protect diners and enhance the dining experience. The brand is also offering employees a unique form of trauma insurance free of charge to cover employees in case they contract COVID-19.

The company has invested in various technologies to enhance the effectiveness of SmartSpace, including CASPR (Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction) devices for the HVAC System. These air sterilizers are usually found in hospitals and airports and are reported to kill pathogens that live on surfaces and in the air.

These days, customer’s No. 1 priority is that the establishment does everything possible to keep them out of harm’s way. To that end, many hospitality brands are improving indoor air quality to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and reassure customers, including Mole Lake Casino, Resorts Casino Hotel and more.

"While every other restaurant out there had to react to the pandemic," said Colonel (RET) Matthew Fritz, Minute Man Chief Operating Officer, "we had the opportunity to 'bake-in' a targeted solution, and have created a SmartSpace to provide environmental and process controls that actively create a healthy and safe environment. What other restaurant is pumping in hospital-quality air with proven technology specifically designed to create a pro-active, anti-pathogen environment for their customers and employees?"

A New Benefit

Minute Man Burgers will also offer employees COVID-19-focused trauma, counseling, and wage protection free of charge through a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Society for Trauma Education and Empowered Recovery (STEER). This unique innovation will make working for the restaurant chain among the most well-protected jobs in the industry. Huge competitors have yet to put this type of protection and peace of mind in place for their staff.

"We've made a commitment to our employees, our customers, and their families," said Brigadier General (RET) John Michel, "to ensure their safety and make Minute Man a trailblazing innovator in the restaurant and hospitality space."

Minute Man Jacksonville is striving to be among the safest restaurants in the country in which to eat and work. Of course, it will also serve the very best charcoal-grilled burgers, rotisserie-chicken, fries, shakes, radar pies in keeping with the long tradition of this legendary fast food chain.

The Jacksonville, Ark., Minute Man Burger location will open after Labor Day.


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