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Resorts Casino Hotel to Install Air Purification System

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Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J., will be installing AtmosAir Solutions' patented bi-polar ionization indoor (BPI) air purification system technology on the entire casino floor, all smoking and non-smoking areas, hotel lobby, some bars, restaurants and the food court area.

The installation is part of Resorts' Play Safe, Work Safe plan to responsibly welcome back guests and team members after its closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Resorts Casino Hotel has taken extensive measures to ensure that team members and guests are safe when either coming to work or visiting the property. 

AtmosAir says its BPI technology is proven over 99% effective in neutralizing coronavirus. Tests performed by Microchem Laboratory confirmed that the presence of coronavirus was reduced by 99.92 percent within 30 minutes of exposure to AtmosAir's bi-polar ion technology.

Casinos have a range of air and surface sanitation needs, and bi-polar ionization is going to help them achieve that, including neutralizing the potential presence of coronavirus, said AtmosAir. From dining to gaming to entertainment, we want Resorts' patrons to enjoy themselves without worrying about the air they're breathing.

AtmosAir's bi-polar ionization devices, installed in HVAC systems, emit Ions into the air in occupied spaces, which proactively attack and neutralize coronavirus, other viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants in the air and on surfaces, therefore rendering them inactive. 

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