Micros-Fidelio Opera PMS Completes 2-Way Connection with SiteMinder Channel Manager

The leading international channel management company, SiteMinder, announced that it has completed a seamless 2-way connection to the Micros-Fidelio Opera Property Management System.

The SiteMinder integration to Opera means that availability and pricing is distributed automatically to the major third party booking sites each time it changes in the Opera PMS. When bookings occur on any booking site, SiteMinder instantaneously and automatically captures the reservations directly into the Property Management System so that there is no need to re-key booking site reservation emails and faxes. The result is a seamless interaction between the property management system and the booking sites.

As a result of the seamless interaction more reliable inventory and pricing is posted to more online channels more frequently, which means higher booking revenue and fewer manual errors by staff in updating sites with incorrect availability and rates. Additionally, the need for staff to capture booking site reservation information into the property management system is eliminated, resulting in a highly streamlined business process, bringing online booking activity into the mainstream reservation process while reducing cost and effort.

SiteMinder has offered seamless Property Management System connectivity to leading booking sites for 2 years now, and has integrated several property management systems in that time, including Opera, Opera ORS, CMS Guest Centrix, RMS, Roonsoft, EzyRez, MotelMate with roomMaster and Softbrands Epitome currently in progress and due to be launched over the coming months.
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