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mAPPs Impact Productivity & Profitability

Vertical Systems, Inc. (VSi) has launched four innovative mobile applications (mAPPs) that help hotel staff conduct many ongoing routine operations faster and easier in real time, without paper reports, so properties can operate more productively and more profitably.  
The four new proprietary software programs from VSi are:
v-Inspect – to examine and score the quality of housekeeping work in a guestroom 
v-Checklist – to inspect public areas
v-Repair – to identify and track needed repairs, with photo support
v-Departure – to report the housekeeping and occupancy status of guestrooms scheduled for check-out
VSi’s mAPPs package is a comprehensive five-part “turnkey” solution that includes user-friendly application-unique software; secure, cloud-based data management; real-time management reports; 24/7 remote monitoring; and a trained in-house customer support team – with each element customized for the needs and preferences of the specific property. 
The benefits of these mAPPs packages to a hotel’s workflow include:
Reduced labor costs and improved productivity – because employees spend less time recording data and more time “doing”
Enhanced decision-making – because information is processed in real time without delay, without transcription errors, and without cumbersome paperwork
Customized cloud-based reports – because VSi, through its unique Rapid Application Development process, is the only manufacturer that can customize any inspection form or report template for any specific brand or property 
No upfront investment in capital equipment or software development – because a simple monthly fee for the reporting web portal plus applications makes using this technology more realistic and affordable, especially for smaller properties
Tools for both employee feedback and task tracking – because managers can confirm and quantify what work was done, when, how, and by whom, with information tagged to photographs, if needed    
Easy to implement -- because so many people are already familiar and comfortable with smart devices
Dependable customer service – because there is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 toll-free phone support and remote monitoring, with ongoing maintenance and warranty coverage, and with timely software upgrades
The typical hotel inspection is a four-step procedure: (1) compile the findings manually in writing on paper as you conduct the inspection; (2) enter the findings digitally into a data base, spreadsheet, or other electronic record; (3) generate a report, usually on paper, that can be distributed, analyzed, and eventually acted upon; and (4) provide feedback to team members about the inspections.
By comparison, when mAPPs are installed on a smart phone, tablet, or mobile device, hotel staff can communicate and coordinate with each other in real time.
With v-Departure software, a staff member knocks on the door of each guestroom on the checked out room list, confirms the occupancy status, then presses the appropriate APP button to upload the information to the cloud, where all interested departments can view it in real time.
Similarly, needed repairs in guestrooms and public areas are handled more easily with v-Repair. Staff members can simply send a request for repair, with a photo attached of the existing condition, to the proper department. Records are kept in the cloud, so they are convenient to retrieve and track – and staff can easily determine if items needed for the repair are in inventory or must be ordered.    

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