Maestro PMS Integration with TTI Technologies Scan2PMS Streamlines Contactless Check-in

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For decades, hoteliers have been challenged with protecting their hotel assets from threats, including fraudulent chargeback claims and guests presenting false identification at check-in. Add to that a climate of social unrest and a global health crisis, and today’s hotel operators are finding themselves desperate for digital tools that will boost guest and staff security. TTI Technologies’ Scan2PMS solution, when combined with Maestro’s property-management system, is better preparing hotel operators for reopening. Via the integrated solution, guests can self-scan their Drivers’ Licenses and Passports into a sleek, portable device at the front desk, and instantly their photo, name, address, nationality, and date of birth is uploaded to Maestro. With this information on file, hoteliers can refute false chargeback claims and use the captured data for future marketing. More importantly, the contactless service gives guests peace of mind that no one is handling their IDs and that the hotel — and law enforcement if needed — has accurate information on each person registered.

“Scan2PMS is playing an important part in contactless guest check in today,” said Warren Dehan, Maestro president. “With more travelers demanding touchless guest services, hoteliers are finding it easy to take the TTI scanning solution out from behind the front desk and make it accessible to guests so they can scan IDs on their own at registration. It’s a simple transition that is making everyone feel safer and it places guests more in control of their experiences. Not only does Scan2PMS remove human error in the data entry process by capturing the data directly from the ID and importing it to our PMS, but it is fast-tracking registration and eliminating the need for front desk attendants to physically touch guests’ belongings. Together, Maestro and TTI Technologies are putting more distance between guests and staff for a safer experience while heightening asset security.”

The Grand Resort in Warren, Ohio, is one of many Maestro + Scan2PMS users. General Manager Kelli Denman said the check-in process at front desk registration is much improved due to the Maestro/Scan2PMS integration. She also said guest charge-back claims with the hotel’s credit-card processor are nearly non-existent.

“The automatic data capture feature of Scan2PMS is providing an unprecedented level of protection for our hotel,” Denman said. “With this solution integrated to Maestro, it is doing so much more than just scanning and storing IDs. Today more than ever we are looking for new ways to reduce costs and add more touchless guest services. Maestro and TTI let us do both, including the ability to protect guests when someone says they lost a room key. We can quickly compare the guest requesting a new key with the photo on file associated with the room. And, because the scanners are compact and portable, we can make them accessible to guests for self-check-in. This combo is a real game changer for hotel operations.”

Town Inn Suites, a newly renovated hotel in downtown Toronto, is also seeing benefits from the joint technology deployment. General Manager Maged Girges said he had been searching for an efficient and reliable scanning solution to streamline the guest ID process. Surprisingly, Girges said he got more than he hoped for.

“We initially chose TTI Technologies’ Scan2PMS solution to reduce check-in time for guests,” Girges said.  “But operating through a pandemic, we are finding it is helping us in many other ways. First, it’s providing a personalized, welcoming service that is safe and effective. Guests appreciate being able to scan their own Drivers’ Licenses or Passports, and staff appreciate not having to take the IDs and photocopy them in the back room. This really speeds up check in. As GM, I appreciate the time and labor savings, and the ability for our marketing team to use the data — like birth date — to stay in touch with our guests after their stay. Also, by capturing and validating guest information, it removes the possibility for chargebacks.

“This simple tool, when tied to Maestro, enhances security and builds loyalty,” he said. “Being able to offer an enhanced and contactless guest check-in greatly adds to the stay experience. When travel resumes, we want to be doing everything possible to differentiate our hotel from others in the local urban market. Scan2PMS integrated to Maestro will help make that happen more quickly and give us an edge.”

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