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LG Introduces Energy-Saving LCD, Plasma HDTVs at 2009 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show

LG Electronics, a leading provider of flat-panel HDTV technologies to the lodging and hospitality industry, is expanding its line of Pro:Centric enabled HDTVs this week at the 2009 International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show (Booth #3006). These new models are customizable for individual hotels and properties and offer advanced energy savings options.
As properties seek ways to become more environmentally-friendly, LG has developed commercial-grade televisions with a host of features designed to reduce energy consumption and offer cost savings on a per-room basis. LG is also leading the way in sustainability in the hospitality space by announcing a recycling program for obsolete hotel TVs and monitors. Together with Waste Management, LG is planning to offer hotel operators the opportunity to responsibly dispose of outdated TVs and computer monitors.
LG's Commercial Air Conditioning division is also showcasing a range of HVAC solutions that deliver energy efficiency and guest comfort.
Guest-centric technologies
Understanding hoteliers' need to enhance the guest experience, LG offers technologies designed to enable hotels to easily communicate up-to-the-minute information such as hotel events, restaurant specials or any local happenings to their guests. The new LG710H series is equipped with LG's Pro:Centric application platform, allowing hoteliers to customize the entire in-room experience and provide guests with easier access to hotel amenities. The LG710H series is also compatible with Java and Adobe and Flash application software and incorporates the patented b-LAN technology offering a wide range of interactive content and functionality.
Guests can now have access to interactive electronic program guides that provide the convenience of viewing program episode information through a guide instead of endless channel flipping when combined with the Pro:Centric server and the subscribed application. The LG710H will allow hotel guests to book spa appointments, order room service or even book a tee time right through the HDTV.
All these benefits are delivered without the need for expensive and unattractive set top boxes in the hotel room. This model is available in 42-inch, 37-inch, and 32-inch class sizes. Displaying content in 720p with a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1, guests will enjoy HD content while a viewing angle of 178 degrees, ensures an exceptional viewing experience.
Available in 42- and 47-inch class sizes, LG's LH300C series provides an attractive, modern HDTV solution for the guest room with exceptional picture quality. Perfect for hotel lobbies, guest rooms, restaurants and other commercial installation sites, LG's LH300C series is a Full HD 1080p LCD HDTV with a glossy black finish. Additionally, the USB cloning feature allows installers to easily transfer these settings from a "master TV" to an unlimited number of like auxiliary televisions making it easier and less labor intensive for installers and hoteliers to optimize the TV settings in every guest room.
For the consummate traveler, LG's new auto-sensing Remote Jack Pack (model RJP-301B) provides hotel guests with the ability to connect their personal A/V devices to the TV for easy photo viewing, e-mail checking and more â╬€å" all while watching TV. This new device has a single mixed cable connection to the back of the unit, allowing for a variety of mount options (desk back splash, wall mount, desk or table top) so hoteliers don't have to worry about cluttering the room décor.
Exclusive energy-saving technologiesã╬╬
All of LG's new HDTVs on display this week feature EcoSmart technology with multiple manual and automatic options for energy conservation. This technology is beneficial for corporate and lodging environments looking to save on energy costs and provide "green" accommodations for their patrons. EcoSmart includes multiple power saving settings and one or more of LG's energy saving features:
  • Intelligent Sensor: Offers integrators a way to program the LCDs to automatically respond to the ambient light in the room and then reduce brightness and energy output under most circumstances.
  • Dynamic Power Savings: Provide an option to have the television automatically adjust the brightness level settings based on the incoming video, helping facilities save on energy costs and allowing for increased energy savings while still providing superior picture quality to guests.
  • Static Power Savings: Allows the installer to set the preferred power consumption level. LG's plasma HDTVs feature Intelligent Sensor and three power saving modes, which provide a choice of maximum, medium, or minimum power consumption levels. Many of LG's plasma and LCD HDTV models are also ENERGY STAR 3.0 qualified and RoHS compliant.
Technology behind the panel
Through a licensing agreement with LodgeNet Interactive Corporation, LG has incorporated the patented b-LAN technology into many LCD lodging HDTVs. This enables the delivery of a wide range of interactive content and functionality on a more cost-effective basis, including centralized free-to-guest (FTG) channel management, video on demand content and interactive guest services. The first in the industry to incorporate the b-LAN technology beginning six months ago, LG already has shipped tens of thousands of b-LAN-enabled hotel HDTVs to help hoteliers reduce their total cost of ownership and operation.
Two new LCD commercial widescreen HDTVs with HD-PPV capabilities are being highlighted at the show. LG's LH250H series (available in 42-, 37-, and 32-inch class screen sizes) and LH255H series (available in 37-and 32-inch class screen sizes) include integrated b-LAN, which allows full support of LodgeNet's HD Video on Demand (VOD), LodgeNet's HD Free-To-Guest and supports many other Free-To-Guest (FTG) system providers. The LH250H series features a hi-gloss black finish while the LH255H series comes in a matte black finish.
LG's LH250H and LH255H series are also compatible with LG's new centralized, head-end FMA-LG101 system, which allows integrators to do channel mapping and clone commercial installer settings all from the head-end for each room's display when connected to the integrated b-LAN technology.
For an enhanced listening and viewing experience, LG's newest commercial grade LCD HDTVs offer hoteliers products that combine advanced technology in a stylish package. The LH300C and LH710H boast three of LG's Core Technologies for a more customized listening and viewing experience including:
  • Invisible speaker system: Tuned by renowned audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson, LG TVs utilize a unique speaker system that delivers a clean, polished look and enhanced audio with a wider sound field. This technology also allows hoteliers to easily wall mount or place these TVs into smaller armoires, because the integrated audio system requires less room than typical side-mounted speakers.
  • Picture wizard: Enables easy self-calibration by providing on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements like black level, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels. Now integrators can take the guesswork out of picture adjustments without purchasing separate calibration tools.
  • Clear Voice II: Automatically enhances and amplifies the sound of the human voice frequency range to help keep dialogue audible when background noise swells. It can also be personalized with a new 12-step adjustment level.
  • 24p Real Cinema: Delivers content in the way the director intended it to be viewed at 24 frames per second.
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