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Lemonade Opens Ghost Kitchen Location

Lemonade's ghost kitchen offers delivery and pickup only to meet evolving customer needs.

Lemonade Restaurants opened its first ghost kitchen for delivery and pickup orders only. The new location is located in a Long Beach Cloud Kitchen facility and services addresses within a five-mile radius.

Lemonade is part of Modern Restaurant Concepts.  At MURTEC, Brian Anderson, Director of Technology of Modern Restaurant Concepts, shared the recipe for success behind Modern Market and its sister brand Lemonade Restaurant Group's channel management. The biggest lesson learned: “Get a centralized and standardized management solution and tech stack in place to make it easy to troubleshoot the system if you run into issues,” Anderson said. 

Like many restaurants affected by COVID-19, Lemonade has adjusted its operations to accommodate the changing needs of consumers.

By opening a location for delivery and pickup only, Lemonade is able to meet the increased demand from third party delivery partners without the significant investment of opening a full-service location.

“Opening a ghost kitchen is allowing Lemonade to expand to a new California market, Long Beach, in record time and with a very low investment,” says Anthony Pigliacampo, co-CEO of Lemonade. “We are able to leverage our strong brand awareness and class leading e-commerce platform to continue growth, even during the COVID crisis. In just three months, we moved from site identification to delivering food to guests. This would have been impossible with a brick-and-mortar site.”

In an interview with HT last month, Pigliacampo shared how Modern Restaurant Concepts is well on its way to becoming an ecommerce company. The company has developed its tech solutions, including its new ecommerce experience, in-house. 

The new ghost  kitchen is Lemonade’s 21st location in California. Lemonade is available for delivery directly through its website and via third party delivery partners such as DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates and UberEats.


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