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Kitchen Nightmares Helps Struggling Restaurants with Updated Tech

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on FOX will feature APG Cash Drawer, LLC, on the hit TV show. The episode, set to air on 12/7, features APG and POS Lavu, an iPad based software company. The show focuses on helping failing restaurants by improving their daily routine, so they can focus on doing better business.
APG and POS Lavu were also featured on a series of kitchen Nightmare episodes earlier in the year.  The new point of sale system, provided by Zephyr Hardware, was a welcome surprise to the management and staff of a failing burger restaurant. Ramsay himself called this innovative point of sale solution "the most amazing, state of the art point of sale system."
Ramsay works with struggling restaurants to get them turned around and improved in any way possible. From the menu items and management procedures to the dÉcor on the walls. And when it comes to improving business practices and tools, a main concern for many restaurants is their point of sale. The new POS system took only an hour for the restaurant staff to learn, making it one of the most efficient POS solutions on the market today.

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