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KFC Reduces Costs with Automated Oil Management

KBP Foods has added an automated oil management system from Restaurant Technologies in order to maintain great food, run locations better and have happy employees.   
KBP owns 163 KFC restaurants across the U.S. Each location had a basic system to monitor oil usage, but managers didn’t have access to centralized reporting, oil-usage monitoring over time, or data to help use oil more efficiently. To remedy this situation, Hansen decided to install the automated oil management system from Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI). Since then, all of KBP’s KFC locations have been upgraded, with the newly purchased Virginia locations being the most recent.
The patented RTI closed-loop oil management solution automates fresh oil delivery, storage, handling and disposal of used oil. Employees use a wand to fill and discard oil in the fryer. RTI technicians supply fresh oil and collect the used oil via a secure fill box mounted to the exterior of each restaurant—eliminating the need for “grease caddies” and other antiquated oil-handling practices. RTI also provides a full training program, in which the employees and managers of each store receive in-depth coaching on the system from RTI personnel.
The Total Oil Management (TOM) online portal allows managers to monitor oil-related data for single or multiple restaurant locations, analyzing oil quality, usage and other statistics. Managers have visibility into employee compliance with standard operating procedures and oil data including the volume of oil used at any given time.
Implementing the RTI system has helped make KFC general manager jobs easier. Aside from eliminating grease caddies and creating a cleaner atmosphere, managers like having access to more robust data, training tools and reports.

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