JetBlue In-flight Channel Highlights 'Buzz'-Worthy Hotel Offers

Passengers on JetBlue will now get a rundown of the latest in hotel offerings through its Citybuzz in-flight broadcast. Along with its video calendar of what's going on along JetBlue's flight routes, Citybuzz covers where passengers put their heads in beds in New York City and Chicago.

Citybuzz/JetBlue currently features the newest food and beverage concept from The Grand Hyatt New York called "Market." Citybuzz customizes messages for more than 200 hotel in-room channels. As many as 3 million passengers can view Citybuzz each month on all JetBlue flights per month.

In addition to JetBlue and hotels, Citybuzz also broadcasts its content in convention centers, cruise ships, local cable stations, and websites such as and, reaching over 5 million viewers in New York and Chicago monthly.

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