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iPad POS Helps Yogurt Franchisee to Expand Business & Reach Goals

Retailers and restaurants swapping out large clunky cash registers for intuitive and easy to use iPads can now completely manage the apps and devices from the cloud, with MokiMobility's +MDM device management platform. The company announced that point-of-sale system vendor OlympusPOS has integrated +MDM into its complete POS system. As a result, retailers and restaurants can completely lock down the iPad home button, update apps and device settings, and even see what is happening financially at individual locations at any given moment – all from an Internet browser.
Founded in 2010, Yoasis Franchising Systems, LLC's EarthFruits Yogurt is an imaginative self-serve frozen yogurt concept providing healthy and eco-friendly products, many made from the world's most nutritious fruits, and offering more than 80 premium toppings.  Currently two franchisees are using Olympus POS and Yoasis plans to make its other EarthFruits Yogurt franchisees aware of Olympus POS as well. With the +MDM-based iPads POS, the company is able to:
Customize the device with its own branding on the log-in screen

Put the entire menu onto the iPad, speeding up customer ordering

Easily change menu items and add/remove employees

Completely lock down the device so the iPads are only able to be used as POS devices

Remotely manage the devices so they can update and push new versions of the app and WiFi settings.
By providing the APIs and a web-based console, MokiMobility +MDM enables independent software vendors (ISVs), developers and solution providers to integrate mobile device management features into tablet solutions for the iPad and Android tablets.

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