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iPad Hospitality Ordering System Improves Security

NorthStar Order Entry, the iPad hospitality ordering system developed by Custom Business Solutions, will now offer increased security protection with the addition of the innovative MagTek DynaPro Mini card swipe and PIN entry device.
The MagTek DynaPro Mini leverages the MagneSafe Security Architecture and provides users with a card swipe, EMV reader, PIN entry keypad and card data tokenization solution with one swipe.  Together, the MagTek DynaPro Mini and NorthStar Order Entry provide an end-to-end secure system that greatly limits the scope of PCI for the NorthStar Order Entry platform, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches without compromising order speed.
NorthStar Order Entry’s multi-channel approach consolidated many features within one platform including a traditional POS interface, a guest-facing ordering interface, kiosk ordering mode, and integrated web and mobile ordering. Utilizing the MagTek DynaPro Mini, Order Entry users will benefit from the security of MagTek’s innovative encryption, tokenization and card authentication technology with the flexibility of Bluetooth connectivity.
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