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Intelity iPad Software Enables One Touch Access to Hotel Guest Services

Intelity has developed and installed full service hotel software for the iPad tablet. Offering more than 20 different hotel services to guests with just a touch of their finger, the company premiered the system last month at the Royalton Hotel in New York City. In its first weeks, guests who use the Intelity technology exceed a whopping 80 percent.

Called ICE (for Interactive Customer Experience), a parade of well-known hotel brands will soon offer their guests their services via iPads including New York's famed Plaza Hotel and Miami's new J.W. Marriott Marquis.

ICE on iPads was recently featured at the annual owners' conference for a worldwide hotel brand. More than 2,000 owners were given iPads to experience ICE first hand.

Using the specially programmed iPad, guests can request turn down service or a wake-up call, a meal in their room or a restaurant reservation, a taxi or a toothbrush.

Intelity software is also offered on in-room touch screens called ICE Touch, mobile phones called ICE Mobile, in-room TVs called ICE TV, hotel lobby touch screens called ICE Lobby and on guests' laptops via the hotel's landing page called ICE Connect.

ICE on the iPad tablet is the latest achievement from Intelity whose past accomplishments include a full hotel service iPhone application and the first and only full hotel service software for in-room TVs.

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