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iBeacon App Combines Location with Loyalty for The Mook Restaurants

Using the iBeacon technology presented by Apple last year, candylabs GmbH and the Mook Group developed an innovative experience for the gourmet restaurants of the renowned Mook Group. 
In addition to comprehensive information about the Mook Group’s restaurants (Zenzakan, The Ivory Club, Mon amie Maxi, Surf N Turf und M-Steakhouse), the Mook Group App offers a location-based gamification component. The application uses signals from iBeacons to determine the presence of a guest in a restaurant. As the app documents the visits of a user by upgrading their Mook Status, the user is encouraged to share this information with the restaurant host, facilitating the restaurant desire to reward its best customers in a discrete and personal manner. In this first step, the installation in Zenzakan uses 19 Beacons, a Bluetooth LE device that advertises its existence using the iBeacon specification from Apple. These enable smartphones to determine their precise location inside a building, even in small rooms without a GPS signal. Beacons were chosen because they were the most secure, robust, and easy to maintain option.
Users of the “Mook Group App” can, thanks to the iBeacon enabled location awareness, influence their “Mook Status” through the frequency and duration of visits to Zenzakan. Initially every user begins as a “Guest” and moves up through the ranks to “Novice”, then to “Prospect”, then to “Frequent Eater”, then to “Ambitioned Gourmet” up to “Addicted Connaisseur”. Everything works automatically and privately. The perks for status are individual and flexible. For example a “Novice” may receive an aperitif on the house while a “Frequent Eater” may receive priority access to the guest list of an exclusive Mook Event. The value of the user experience is enriched. In the future, location awareness will be rolled out to other restaurants of the Mook Group in addition to growing the feature set. The application can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.
Accurate indoor location in a GPS independent way makes possible a series of innovative applications. Conferences, stadiums, shopping malls, airports, and restaurants - the possibilities are almost limitless. Applications for market research and the home are also numerous, e.g. room specific reminders.   
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