IBC Marketplace Now Serving as Technology Management Hub for Independent Hotels

IBC (InnDependent Boutique Collection), a provider of hospitality technologies for independent hotels, announced that its IBC Marketplace has evolved from a standalone Central Reservation System (CRS) to an online portal for centrally managing ALL property technologies, including CRS, property-management system, marketing, loyalty program, rate shopping, revenue management and more. This customizable, enhanced functionality will equip independent hotel operators with the tools they need to manage their hotel assets, including rates and loyalty in one place, determine which channels are generating the most business, and see which marketing programs are succeeding or failing and then retargeting offers for a better return on investment.
“IBC diligently works to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hotel technologies,” said Pamela Barnhill, president and COO of IBC. “One of the largest challenges as an independent owner is the lack of cloud-based CRS or ‘Intranet’ capabilities like their branded counterparts have. Every property works with a surplus of vendors, and being able aggregate all the data that comes from each system is challenging. By enabling our independent hotel customers to access and manage all data in one central location is key to helping them operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably.”
The new IBC Marketplace is an at-a-glance repository of property information – whether it’s a look at one hotel or several hotels flying varying flags across a large ownership or management company. Where do I invest marketing? How am I trending from a search perspective? With whom should I spend my marketing dollars? Why is this hotel underperforming compared to the other hotels thriving in my system? Answers to all these questions are available via the executive dashboard. With access to this type of business intelligence, independent hoteliers will have the data they need to drive bookings and RevPAR.
Enhancement to the IBC Marketplace has been in development for almost a year. IBC’s internal team of hospitality technology specialists worked tirelessly to create a central hub that performs “all things for all members.”
Through the IBC Marketplace, independent hoteliers can:
•        Update Expedia
•        Update all connected channels including Google, metachannels, FIT and many more
•        Create a new website in minutes with IBC’s new website builder or request a custom design website
•        Add IBC One Revenue Management system
•        Integrate with 50+ Channel Management and Revenue Management Systems
•        Integrate with hundreds of Property Management Systems
•        Easily add a booking engine widget with top conversions and design including rental car, activity add-ons and cancellation protection
•        Optimize administration, reporting, and business intelligence dashboards
•        Streamline purchasing and automated invoicing platforms
•        Maximize RevPAR with IBC managed distribution
“The world’s most powerful hotel reservation system and CRS for independent hotels has just been made even better,” said Cody Engilman, IBC director of sales. “For independent hotels, there is no better technology platform out there. For hotel management companies that have both independents and brands in their portfolios, IBC Marketplace offers significant benefits as well. If the management company uses IBC, for example, they can log-in to IBCMarketplace.com to manage their independent hotels and see how the branded properties are doing. Rather than logging in and out from one site to the next to check on hotel performance, this central hub does it all for everyone.”
Hoteliers can create a new website using this executive dashboard. In just a few simple steps, the Website Wizard will give a fresh look that mirrors all custom hotel colors and logo branding in minutes. The process is end-user based, so no third-party designer involvement is required. Hoteliers can also top-off their budgets through the dashboard using Meta through Google and CPC (cost-per-click). Everyone charges for this, but not IBC; it’s part of our package. Hoteliers can add money to Meta or a CPC campaign via the IBC Marketplace with just a click. These tools are giving more control back to the independent hotelier.
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