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IBC Introduces Omni and Optima Membership Packages

IBC (InnDependent Boutique Collection) is introducing two membership packages for independent hotels that will enable them to choose how they wish to use the new IBC Marketplace online portal that centrally manages ALL property technologies. The Omni Package (designed for large properties, management companies and ownership/enterprise businesses) is customizable and provides all-inclusive CRS, PMS connectivity, digital marketing, loyalty, OTA connections, IBC One Revenue Management, GDS, Internet bookings, Rate Shopping, Retargeting services and more. The Optima Package (an entry-level offering for single property owners with one to 1,000 rooms) provides all the tools needed to drive bookings and loyalty using Meta and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) budget with ala carte functions, including website builder, reputation management, purchasing discounts and more, but without the additional bells and whistles available through Omni. 
Both programs include the full reporting, business intelligence, image library, ROI-driven meta bookings, full guest information, proprietary visual booking engine with global loyalty, activity/rental car and cancellation protection add-ons, national and international trade show/sales missions/corporate RFP channels, customizable email templates, packaging, multi-currency and multiple language and much more.
“By developing the Omni and Optima packages, IBC is revamping its services to better encompass the market’s need for a complete solution,” said Pamela Barnhill, president and COO of IBC. “Omni is the only bundled service of its kind. Most hoteliers need three different companies to cover what the Omni package solves: lower costs, increased revenue and access to their data in one easy-to-use platform. If Omni is too feature-rich, Optima is the ideal solution for hoteliers looking just to manage their marketing and distribution in one place; in fact, they can self-onboard in minutes here. Optima will enable single-property owners to keep their independence from the costly brands and reduce high expenses of digital marketing companies and preserve the unique character and identity of their property – as well as their name.”
The new IBC Marketplace is an at-a-glance repository of property information – whether it’s a look at one hotel using Optima or several hotels flying varying brand flags across a large ownership or management company via Omni. With access to this type of business intelligence, independent hoteliers will have the data they need to drive bookings and RevPAR.
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