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Hotel Technologies Debuts Alarm Clock Radio with iPad Docking

HiD37, Hotel Technologies’ new alarm clock radio, is now available. The unit offers guests the option to wake to their personal music selections on their iPad/iPad2, iPhone and iPod. It also features an additional USB charging port to accommodate other personal mobile devices. The system also features the same patented Single Day Alarm technology, automatic updates for Daylight Savings Time, battery backup and theft deterrent lanyards.
Known for bringing "the science of feeling at home" to hotels and guests, Hotel Technologies has always included hard-wired line-in plugs on its iHome hospitality solutions that support playing music from any device with a headphone jack. The company is more amply known, however, for its ability to charge and play Apple docking units.
The HiD37 is the iHome with app enhancement and works with Hotel Technologies’ iHome+Sleep app offering custom wake-up settings, social media updates and weather alerts. The unit contains all of the same features as the previous iHome models, including a volume-limiting switch to match maximum output to room size, pre-set / never set the time again, written instructions on the cabinet for ease of use, gentle Wake Alarm that wakes sleepers gradually with increasing volume, 3 digital FM presents, snooze/dimmer button, Sure Alarm Battery Backup and more. 
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