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Hotel Embraces Single Platform to Connect Front- and Back-Office Ops

Hoteles Catalonia, owner and operator of 55 three-, four-, and five-star hotel and resort properties across Spain, Brussels, the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, is one of the first hotel companies in the world to implement a single platform across their front-office and back-office operations. The Indra Travel Management Suite, an all-in-one solution for hotel chain management, converges property systems, reservations, customer relationship management, channel management and analytics functions onto the universal SAP platform. Today, regardless of a property’s size or country of origin, all hotels among the Hoteles Catalonia enterprise run on a single, cloud-based system and benefit from unsurpassed functionality for all areas of their operations.
Several triggers prompted Hoteles Catalonia to make the switch to the Indra TMS. First, was the need to consolidate multivendor data from each property to a central location. Next, they lacked a consistent approach to brand policies, such as sales policies and procedures. Information needed to be accessible in a fast, secure and efficient format by all hotels, departments, and sales channels. They also needed to better manage inventory and rates across all distribution channels. Finally, they desired to have a global view of their customers purchasing habits and activities to better understand the value each guest brought to the brand and then personalize services to meet individual expectations.
In approximately 18 months, Hoteles Catalonia was able to replace all core technologies system-wide with the Indra TMS and roll it out to all hotels. The company started with the TMS for Hotels back-office modules to set a solid foundation. Running on the SAP platform, it was easy to consolidate data, set consistent policies, make information easily accessible and achieve a global view of their guests.
Today, Indra’s full Travel Management Suite is servicing all the business needs of the Hoteles Catalonia enterprise in one comprehensive system, hosted in the cloud. The comprehensive package of modules in use by Hoteles Catalonia includes:
TMS for Hotels: PMS, POS, CRS, CRO, Spa and Loyalty
TMS for Web: Website, booking engine and mobile solution
TMS for Analytics: Forecasting, budgeting and reporting
TMS for CRM:  Customer Relationship Management tool
TMS for ERP: Financial accounting, supply chain management, workforce automation
TMS for Connectivity: Connectivity to third-party distribution sales channels
TMS for Events
Hoteliers attending the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) June 25 to 27 at the Minneapolis (Minn.) Convention Center will have the opportunity to speak to Hotel Catalonia CIO Adolfo Olmos in Indra Booth #111. Olmos will be available to answer questions and share his technology migration story with interested hoteliers.
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