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Hotel Benefits from Cloud-Based Services

Ciena Hotels and Suites, a division of HotelWorks Development, LLC, has selected Infor 10 ION-enabled Infor10 HMS to provide a more complete solution for managing multiple hotel functions. Infor10 HMS facilitates faster day-to-day processes so staff can spend less time navigating systematical issues and more time focusing on guests. Ciena will implement the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of Infor10 HMS in order to benefit from the functionality, financial and scalability advantages offered through the cloud, including reduced IT infrastructure costs and greater flexibility to expand or upgrade as the business changes. 
Infor10 ION Workspace provides a consumer-grade user experience and virtually effortless system navigation with single sign-on to help speed hotel processes and enable an improved guest experience.  The leading-edge functionality of Infor10 HMS will automate several processes that require manual entry, enabling Ciena employees to focus more time on patrons.
Ciena will also benefit from a faster, cloud-based implementation. Additionally, HMS will allow the property to more easily scale use of the application in the future reducing the need for additional IT staff headcount, typically resulting in lower long-term IT costs and overhead.
Ciena selected Infor because of the company's position and track record in the hospitality industry. Infor10 HMS unifies multiple hotel functions into a single application, and also provides extensive flexibility and customization potential, which allows for configurations that are more suited to Ciena's specific needs.
Infor10 HMS is designed to be easily integrated with additional Infor and existing third-party products to provide a more complete snapshot of guests and business performance, enabling consolidated data access for employees and a more complete view of the enterprise for better, faster business decisions.

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