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HITEC NEWS: Indra Unveiling All-In-One, Core-System Solution

Indra, SAP’s co-innovation partner for the hospitality industry, is unveiling the future of hotel technology at HITEC, June 25 to 27 at the Minneapolis (Minn.) Convention Center, in Booth No. 111. Through Indra's Travel Management Suite (TMS), brands and management companies can experience core system convergence using a seamless, uniform platform for all property needs that drives accurate guest information from all parts of the operation in real-time and from a single database.
Modular and Cloud Based
Indra is a global technology company operating in more than 110 countries and the third largest IT company in Europe. Indra’s Travel Management Suite is built on the world-leading SAP technology platform and services all the business needs of a hotel chain or management company in one comprehensive system, hosted in the cloud or on-premise. It offers unsurpassed functionality for any business area, and it is open, configurable, scalable and modular. Hotels can start with any of the TMS modules and add-on as needed in the future, providing a more custom approach to enterprise management.
Indra's modular hospitality Travel Management Suite includes:
TMS for Hotels: PMS, POS, CRS, CRO, Spa and more
TMS for Web: Website development, content management, booking engine and mobile solutions
TMS for Analytics: Forecasting, budgeting and reporting
TMS for CRM:  Customer Relationship Management
TMS for ERP: Financial accounting/supply chain management/workforce automation
TMS for Connectivity: Third-party distribution sales channels
The beauty of Indra's TMS is that it is a global-ready system, as SAP is installed in every country around the world. Not only does Indra's TMS have built-in capabilities to take care of taxes, local legal requirements and multinational concerns such as language barriers and currency conversions, but Indra is a well-established, fiscally-strong global company.
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