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HITEC: New Product Automates the Front Desk Upsell Process

Nor1, Inc. debuted its aptly named FrontDesk  Upsell at the recent HITEC 2012 in Baltimore, MD. FrontDesk Upsell is the latest product in the portfolio of solutions that comprise Nor1’s upsell platform. The new solution streamlines system efficiencies, and enables hotels (currently available to all hotels using MICROS Opera) to realize more revenue through relevant and targeted upsell offers at the front desk while improving award automation.  
Through an Opera Exchange Interface (OXI), hotels using eStandby Upgrade and FrontDesk Upsell can see reservations, room changes and upgrades as they happen, as well as getting a real-time view of inventory and availability.  When used in conjunction with eStandby Upgrade, reservation records are updated with a comment insertion on the record indicating the eStandby requests made by guests and the associated potential revenue capture for the hotel, offering full transparency and visibility of the guest’s interactions throughout the operation.
Nor1’s latest solution enables hotels to standardize and accelerate the front desk upsell process to consistently offer guests relevant and targeted offers based on true decision intelligence gleaned from guest-centric, stay-specific and historical transaction data that is analyzed by PRiME, Nor1’s patented decision intelligence engine.  FrontDesk Upsell™ offers are dynamically generated and displayed for front desk agents in a simple scripted pop-up regardless of the original booking channel or the availability of contact data. And, this point-of-sale solution can also be configured to automate a staff incentive program, which will motivate usage and compliance to drive guest and employee satisfaction as well as revenue. 

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