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HITEC: MConcierge Introduces GRM Platform

MConcierge Systems Inc., a mobile-to-web software solution provider for the hospitality industry, has rolled out its most ambitious global release to date – the Guest Relationship Management (GRM) platform. GRM, a new turnkey web and mobile app, applies the principles of CRM allowing hotels to better serve their guests, build loyalty and increase sales. The unique profiling engine leverages social media engagement, connects hotel profiles with guest social media profiles (via opt-in and open graph information) and builds loyalty through a social rewards program.
What are GRM and Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?
With real-time data collection via social media and mobile devices that are centrally-connected to a guest's profile, hospitality brands will communicate directly with a guest during any period of their stay using personalized, targeted campaigns. These campaigns will be aimed at guests using profiles built from their online social activity data. The GRM platform will track, consolidate and save a guest's preferences, rewarding the user for their activities with loyalty points that are available for immediate on-premise redemption.
How GRM Works:
  • Stage 1: A guest books with the hospitality brand. MConcierge's software collects all "open graph" data from social media websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Tripit. The data is fed into the GRM platform which groups, clusters and populates the data directly into the guest's profile.
  • Stage 2: The guest downloads the hospitality brand's free mobile application onto their smartphone. The application rewards the guest for every activity performed using the mobile application with loyalty points for immediate on-premise redemption.
  • Stage 3: GRM communicates with the guest by personalized pre-stay, on-premise and post-stay special offers. This reward program helps to increase client loyalty using customized customer campaigns while reducing room acquisition cost through a direct-to-client-booking engine.
Key Features of GRM
  • Social CRM Platform with Contextual Profiling Engine: Using centralized, real-time data to create guest profiles, hotels can market directly to their guests with highly personalized information derived from individual profiling, social activities and point redemption. This is the pivotal activity of GRM. MConcierge's platform tracks, consolidates and save guests' profiles, preferences and activities.
  • Social Mobile Loyalty Programs: Using profiles and analytics, MConcierge's application rewards the user for every activity with loyalty points. These points are instantly available for on-premise redemption.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Campaign Manager & Mobile Booking Engine: Hotels can offer guests direct booking through the MConcierge mobile application. Customized, targeted campaigns can be attached to a guest's profile history and social mobile loyalty program to increase, customer engagement, retention and ultimately acquisition and ROI.
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