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HITEC 2021 NEWS: TraknProtect Touts Labor-Saving Technology

Real-time location technology provider TraknProtect is helping hoteliers operate amid the ongoing labor shortage using its suite of safety and operations tools, all of which will be on display at this year’s HITEC 2021 in Dallas, Texas.

TraknProtect’s location-based technology platform uses real-time tracking to more efficiently deploy staff and manage inventory. The company’s approach to inventory tracking allows hotel workers to immediately know the exact location of your property’s guest-requested items, from rollaway beds to cribs. This way, hotel employees do not have to spend precious moments searching for misplaced amenities, can exceed guest expectations and even help with adjusting future processes to avoid operational bottlenecks.

As more and more guests begin reusing in-room dining, hotels have to consider the impact this will have on housekeeping and cleanliness. With fewer workers available to patrol the halls, hotels must account for used meal trays. TraknProtect offers the industry’s first Bluetooth Low Energy tracking system designed to keep hotel corridors and public spaces clean by directly tracking the position of room service trays, and alerting the staff when they have been moved to the hallway, so that they can be removed quickly. This way, hotels are able to know when guest meals have concluded without sacrificing efficiency.

Similarly, TraknProtect’s TraknKleen system can be used to help hotels monitor their housekeeping team’s progress through location data and reassure guests that the cleanliness protocols have been adhered to. TraknKleen automatically builds an audit trail consisting of the date and time a room was cleaned, as well as the duration of the cleaning. This helps operators identify available rooms, rooms that may need additional attention, and also track where lapses in cleaning protocols take place. This technology was useful during the initial days of the COVID pandemic, and today it is effective for improving housekeeping efficiency in guestrooms, elevators, hotel gyms, and even public areas.

Security is also a major concern in hotels today, with both guests and hotel workers needing reassurance that operators have not cut back on their security despite fewer hands on deck. TraknProtect’s award-winning safety buttons are designed to be used by each hotel worker, and at the press of a button they instantly alert designated staff that an employee needs assistance. The buttons are able to pinpoint the exact location of the employee in need, down to the room and floor where the button was pressed and update their location if the employee moves. The TraknProtect technologically advanced safety buttons stand apart from the rest because they are small, light and easy to carry, and the solution is easy to deploy and easy to use – making it the preferred choice by several major hotel brands.

While safety buttons are a necessity today, hotels can use similar technology to track vendor and partner movements through the property as well for added security. Using TraknProtect’s vendor tracking technology, hotels have access to a list of which vendors are on site, where they are and for how long. Operators are able to restrict the access vendors have to specific areas, and provides timestamped location data to assist with crisis management.

“The hotel industry has been pushed to the brink during this recent labor crisis, and many hotels have reached a point where technology is necessary to successfully operate each day,” said Parminder Batra, CEO of TraknProtect. “It all starts with safety and making sure employees feel secure operating each day, but location-based technology can do so much more. By accurately pinpointing the location of not only hotel workers, but key amenities tied to operations, hotels are able to cut through a lot of the fog slowing them down moment-to-moment. This technology is here to keep workers safe, as well as return control of their operations environment during a time of great confusion.”

To see all of TraknProtect’s groundbreaking location-based technology, visit booth #1518 at HITEC Dallas, taking place Sept. 27-30 in Dallas, Texas.

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