Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Internet of Things (IoT).

Enseo Launches enseoCONNECT Mobile Remote

Web remote enables guests to connect any device over any network to control their TV and smart hotel room.

Being nimble with technology has become more important with the pace of change in restaurants overall and technology. What should restaurants look for in network partners to foster this flexibility? Cobb: Brands need to prepare themselves to stay relevant in a competitive market.

Insights will help hotel property managers answer COVID-19 questions such as: Are social distancing measures are being followed? How is the indoor air circulation impacting the amount of microorganisms moving about? Are you compliant with RESET and FItwel standards?

AI, VR, and biometric technology will all gain ground within the hospitality industry this year.

Technology has become critical to attracting and retaining hotel guests, and today that means investing in a wide range of solutions that create immediate and personal engagement. With rising expectations, surprise and delight has been replaced by expected and assumed. In this mega-trends special report, HT pulls together data from its 2016 Lodging Technology Study, combined with insight from industry thought leaders and hoteliers, to find out more about what’s shaping technology spending today. From mobile key to location-based data, these are the top technology goals and capital investment priorities in 2016.

You need both high-tech and good old-fashioned hospitality to delight customers. 

Partnerships and purchases in the hotel segment focus on increasing capabilities across guest journey and streamlining connections.

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