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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Security.

“Healthy Sail Panel” Could Be What Turns Tide for Cruise Industry Post-COVID

If managed properly, the cruise line industry could provide one of the safest leisure environments in the world.

Tracking, Storing Private Health Data – Even During a Pandemic – Is Risky

Hotels could unintentionally create additional privacy and compliance issues for themselves by storing sensitive data or broadcasting information that is protected by privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Using audit technology to show safety measures are being taken will make customers feel more comfortable during these uncertain times.

Email delivery service providers Mailgun and Sendgrid are the subjects of the attack.

Companies have created a "Healthy Sail Panel" comprised of top experts in public health, infectious disease, biosecurity, hospitality and maritime operations.

Infrared thermometer allows guest to walk up to it, read their temperature, display result and can be easily cleaned/disinfected.

More than half of all global transactions running through the POS will be contactless in 5 years.

Restaurants have been hit by both cybercriminals and friendly fraud during a time when they need it the least.

Luxury integrated casino resort implements new digital door locks to ensure guest safety and seamless access throughout resort environment.

It can take police up to 50 minutes to identify, locate and apprehend a shooter, but gunfire detection systems can shave 25 minutes off that response time.

Nationwide YouGov and SafetyCulture survey clarifies how businesses can build consumer and employee trust and confidence.

Highlighting an essential traveler service, the telemedicine platform provides a contactless medical outreach and elevates the level of health security absolutely critical in today’s conference environment.

Hospitality faces challenges meeting the July 2020 CCPA compliance deadline. But they can develop a cost-effective, adaptable strategy.

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