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HITEC 2014: Mahana Releases iBeacon Platform for Hotels and Casinos

Mahana, the enterprise class iBeacon platform, has released a set of tools for the hotel and casino industry at the HiTEC conference in Los Angeles, CA. Mahana utilizes Apple iBeacon technology to enable travel and hospitality companies to enhance their consumer mobile applications, manage their beacon network and make guest information immediately and easily available to the staff.
As a hotel or casino manager, imagine being able to notify the staff when your best guests arrive. The guest’s photo, name, notes and preferences are displayed based on their proximity. Using Mahana technology, those details can be shared on the bellhop’s smartwatch, concierge’s tablet, and front desk computers before the guest even walks in the door.
Hotel properties can now provide a highly personal check-in by greeting the guest by name, and having their room key ready as soon as they walk up. These capabilities are available today, very affordably, for any hotel or casino that wants to stand apart, and impress its most important customers with a high level of personalized service. Hotels can generate greater customer loyalty, and more satisfied hotel guests while increasing the lifetime value of customers.
Once a property incorporates Mahana’s iOS and Android libraries into an existing mobile app, the Mahana Platform will deliver the following features:
Beacon Management: Manage, secure, track and mesh iBeacons.
Point of Sale Analytics: Assess guest spend with connections to the twelve largest Point of Sale (POS) platforms.
Guest Proximity Display: Recognize guests by name and picture within close proximity to staff. Information can be displayed on any iOS, Android, Windows Phone or touch screen monitor, including smart watches and large-format displays.
The Mahana app runs in the background on the guest’s mobile device, meaning they don’t have to do anything different to enjoy a new level of personalized service from their favorite hotels. iBeacons are inexpensive, commodity technology meaning that hard costs are essentially nothing, while the increased customer loyalty is priceless.
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