GoTab Adds Smart-Tipping and Dynamic Pricing Tools

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As hospitality operators continue to meet the sustained demand for takeout/delivery and accommodate dine-in experiences for guests, restaurant commerce platform GoTab rolls out two features: smart tipping and dynamic pricing. 

The smart tipping model is devised to make tip distribution among staff a fairer and easier. With ingredient prices proving to be as volatile as ever, GoTab also introduces a dynamic pricing tool that allows operators to adjust menu items and their associated prices.

A Better Tipping Model: Smart Tipping
With contactless ordering and payment, a new hybrid service model appears to prevail over traditional service models, blending autonomous guest ordering (via QR code) and traditional in-person ordering (via a server). This means that tip pooling mechanisms needed to be adjusted. The GoTab team set up a new smart tipping model. The restaurant commerce platform can easily recognize if the orders were placed by guests on their phones, or taken by servers, ultimately directing tips for the contactless orders into the tip pool, and tips for in-person orders to the server who took the order (or even proportionally to multiple servers, if multiple staff are covering the same table/guests). This incentivizes servers to check in on guests and gives them a chance to upsell them on drinks or additional menu items. Operators can adjust the tip ratio as well and the tip outs are calculated automatically by the cloud-based system, making it easy to distribute tips among staff. With a tight labor market and shortages of both BOH and FOH staff, the smart tipping model is also a way to keep staff engaged and pocketing more tips for their dedicated work.

Dynamic Pricing
Chefs and restaurateurs are continuously assessing costs and revenue and need to be able to adjust pricing for menu items and ensure viable margins for their business. With GoTab's dynamic pricing feature, they can update pricing in real time, giving them even more control over digital menu displays. They can also adjust their pricing based on demand, driving prices upward for busy services or downard to attract guests when the venue is slower.

GoTab continues to set a new standard in contactless ordering and payment and kitchen operations for operators, and bring innovative features that set up hospitality businesses for continuous success.

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