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Four Seasons First to Launch Integrated Mobile Solution

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills launched Intelity’s ICE technology on iPad2 tablets in October 2011, making it the first hotel on the West Coast to do so. The iPads were installed in all 285 guest rooms and received more than 51,000 impressions in the first week alone.
In August 2012, a second phase of this process was initiated. The Four Seasons worked with Intelity to develop a mobile app for guest use on personal smartphones and tablets in order to reinforce the success seen with ICE on in-room iPads. In February 2013, the completion of this technological upgrade made the hotel the first in its market to feature an integrated mobile solution.
Intelity tailored the software to meet the needs and goals of the Four Seasons. It was of the utmost importance for the Four Seasons to remain ahead of the curve by taking advantage of the increasing popularity of mobile devices, especially among younger guests. It’s been found that younger guests often prefer to use mobile phones for nearly all communication and the Four Seasons wanted to connect with this demographic more fully.
Another benefit of Intelity’s system was to have the capability to give all guests the ability to order amenities and communicate with the hotel no matter where they were located, whether on or off property. For example, the hotel stops serving alcohol at 2 a.m. A guest returning to the hotel after enjoying the Los Angeles nightlife scene can order a bottle of wine to be waiting in their guest room directly from a smartphone in order to avoid the cut-off time. Or a guest could have a meal waiting in their room after a day of shopping on Rodeo Drive.
The entire project was completed right before Oscar season, which is a peak time for the Hollywood-adjacent hotel, as it hosts celebrities and other notable guests. The aim was to ensure that VIP guests could utilize in-room iPads and the mobile app in order to make their stay more enjoyable and more memorable.
Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills mobile solution provides guests with access to all hotel services. This includes: room service ordering, spa reservations, housekeeping requests, wake-up calls, hotel information, valet parking, luggage assistance, dining menus, and in-room workout options.

Guests can also access information about meetings, events, weddings, hotel amenities, local area and attractions. In addition, guests can use the app to communicate with the concierge, gain access to news, media, internet and social media, plus leave comments and feedback.

ICE provides this broad range of services and fully integrates with the hotel’s PMS, POS, Request and Spa management systems. One of the key features of this mobile solution was its ability to use guest last name and room number as validation for access, rather than using a universal passcode.
Another major benefit of the ICE software for the Four Seasons is that it expands the guest experience and the hotel’s window of time to interact with guests. Normally, 95 percent of the guest experience is on the property. With this technology, the hotel can expand that to include additional opportunities to connect before a guest arrives and also while they are away from the property, whether somewhere in Los Angeles or elsewhere.   
Four Seasons has been very successful with incorporating ICE technology into the infrastructure of the hotel and is exploring even more ways to interact with guests to provide even better personalized service.
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