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Firehouse Subs Continues Relationship with ArrowStream

ArrowStream, Inc., a solutions provider for inbound logistics and supply chain management, announced that Firehouse Subs will renew its contract for ArrowStream’s market-leading OnDemand software, which allows Firehouse Subs to manage food spend, inventory and auditing with greater efficiency and ease.
Since beginning its relationship with ArrowStream in 2014, Firehouse Subs has relied upon OnDemand to support spend visibility and trend analysis in its supply chain. Firehouse Subs leverages the actionable intelligence OnDemand provides by utilizing the software’s “at your fingertips” reporting to uncover product and inventory needs, allowing Firehouse Subs to continue expanding its footprint without compromising any operational efficiencies or savings.  The Preemptive Audit feature also allows for Firehouse Subs to be proactive in its supply chain management approach by catching and addressing potential price accuracy issues before they ever impact an invoice. 
“Over the past 3 years, Firehouse Subs has undoubtedly stepped up our supply chain operation, in large part because of the intelligence that ArrowStream’s OnDemand software provides us,” said Matt Riddleberger, Vice President of Supply Chain Services, Firehouse Subs.  “The way OnDemand aggregates and packages all of our real-time supply chain data allows for us to make more informed and faster decisions, which saves a great amount of both time and money. We are thrilled to have a partner in ArrowStream that has proven to consistently innovate and raise the bar with its technology.”
ArrowStream empowers some of the nation’s largest food chains, such as Golden Corral, Popeyes, Jamba Juice, and more, to uncover savings opportunities and proactively address the most pressing threats in their supply chains by centralizing inventory, contract, and quality assurance information. OnDemand cleanses, merges, and maps restaurant data to generate insights that provide restaurant supply chain and purchasing departments a single source of truth to make better tactical and strategic decisions.
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