FCS Introduces New GDX Universal Billing Interface System

FCS has launched its Guest DynamiX (GDX) Platform for the global hospitality market space -- consolidating and enhancing all of FCS's current solutions and services, to form a new family of real-time integrated billing and interface systems.

With the GDX Platform, the hotel industry will see

  • Improvements in hotel operational efficiency
  • Enhanced quality of service for guests
  • Reduced hotel operating costs
  • Increased overall revenues

The GDX Universal Billing Interface System (GDX UBIS) is a comprehensive web-based hotel solution to manage telephone and services usage at variable tariffs, delivering optimal revenues and tight cost control through more responsive administration of exchanges and systems. GDX UBIS supports hotel chains with multiple properties, complex integration environments, and high volumes of sales transactions. Seamless and responsive integration is enabled with multiple PMS and PABX systems - including Key-Card setting, In-house Pay TV billing, Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, Internet Billing Systems, Room Indicator Systems, Building Management (BMS) Systems, and a wide range of cellular networks and mobility systems.

GDX UBIS offers versatility and flexibility. It is a modular design system, responsive enough to serve many different categories of hotels, which can adopt and customize it to meet to their billing and interfacing requirements. Multiple properties can be managed centrally. Management of different billing scenarios requires only simple, straightforward configuration, easily set by the hotel via a web configuration module. All guest folios are processed in real-time, and all information can be viewed securely, at any location, with the appropriate login credentials.

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