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Fave Tweets from MURTEC and HTF

We’ve just wrapped up a very busy few months at HT, producing two of our three annual events within a four-week window. Each March and April, HT heads to Las Vegas, along with many of you, for the annual MURTEC and the Hotel Technology Forum (HTF) conferences.

First, a big thank you to all those who participated in this year’s events. From the speakers, to the attendees, to the sponsors, you’ve all become like family to HT. Each conference brings in several hundred industry execs who are willing to peel back the curtains and share ideas, with the collective goal of better service.

You can check out the full MURTEC recap on page 10 (and look for HTF’s recap in next month’s issue). But if you ask me, the chatter on Twitter says it best. Here are some of my favorite tweets from this year’s MURTEC and HTF:

•    “Digital wallet is just like teenage sex — everyone says they’re doing it, but really are NOT! keynote@jimcarroll”
•    “RCCL shares that mid-earth satellite technology will provide terrestrial-like broadband speeds on cruise ship at sea!”
•    “If your head is not exploding over chip + pin credit card projects, it should be.”
•    “Beating up vendors isn’t cool anymore. Vendors are an extension of your family. Success is mutual.”
•    “Session on next phase of payment — $5 billion worth of hardware would be needed to install chip and pin throughout U.S.”
•    “It takes 6 hours to realize you lost a credit card, and 38 minutes to realize you lost your mobile phone. Future of Payments at #MURTEC”
•     “CIO Blake uses clip from movie “300” to explain we need IT Spartans. The new IT leader is more senior, a citizen soldier.”
And here’s my personal favorite: “You know you’re just ‘the IT guy’ when the guy at the urinal next to you asks what laptop to buy for his kid. #MURTEC”

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for your support, and we’ll see ya’ around.

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