EZYield.com Integrates With Booking.com to Provide Direct Reservation Delivery

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EZYield.com Integrates With Booking.com to Provide Direct Reservation Delivery

EZYield.com, a provider of automated online channel management solutions for the worldwide hospitality industry, announces it has recently completed a successful system integration between its industry leading channel management solution and Booking.com, Europe's leading online hotel reservations website.

The direct connection with Booking.com provides EZYield.com clients with the ability to funnel reservations made through the Booking.com site directly into the hotel property management system (PMS) or the central reservations system (CRS), and to automatically send electronic confirmations back to Booking.com and to the guest. This seamless, bi-directional flow of information creates a comprehensive two-way interface that increases both the accuracy and efficiency of the reservation system.

Since the need for manual entry is eliminated, the Booking.com interface provides significant savings in labor costs and reduces the chance of human error. This has added potential to improve guest relations and enhance the guest experience, since hotel staff is free to spend more time interacting with guests and less time managing the reservations system. It also centralizes and synchronizes guest profiles and reservations within the PMS or CRS database, so that information is available for follow-up surveys and ongoing communications with former guests.

Booking.com, is Europe's leading online hotel reservations agency by room nights sold, attracting over 30 million unique visitors each month via the Internet from both leisure and business markets worldwide. Through Booking.com, hotels can reach millions of potential customers on a fast growing global distribution network of over 4,500 websites.