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eMarketing Solution Helps Prairie Meadows Hotel & Casino Increase Room Upgrade Revenue and Superior Guest Feedback Response Rates

Prairie Meadows Hotel & Casino has recognized ZDirect for the company's role in providing an effective solution to tracking and understanding guest feedback. In addition to enhancing overall guest communication with confirmations and pre-stay emails, implementing ZDirect's platform at the property has since dramatically improved rates of return on electronic surveys and is credited for an increase in revenue due to a rise in guestroom upgrade sales.   

Since implementing ZMail in March 2014, the 168-room Prairie Meadows Hotel & Casino has reported an impressive average return on surveys consisting of approximately 70-80 completed per month by both guests and potential guests. With its user-friendly semantic analysis dashboard, property leaders are as a result provided with unique insight that enhances marketing initiatives and sales performance.  

"Thanks to the ability to automatically customize emails and surveys, we can be confident that any communication sent is targeted to address the specific preferences of each guest and therefore dramatically increase the likelihood of a reply on their part," said Tresa Vedder, assistant hotel operations manager at the Prairie Meadows Hotel & Casino. "As a result of coupling messages with promotional guestroom upgrade offers, we are pleased to disclose a significant revenue gain in 2014 due to upgrade requests alone."

With a high occupancy rate averaging 70 percent, properties that offer an array of recreational options such as the Prairie Meadows Hotel & Casino stand to benefit substantially from leveraging the benefits of an intuitive eMarketing solution that can effectively recognize and cater to various guest market segments. By using ZMail, the Prairie Meadows Hotel & Casino can create customized messages and promotions that specifically target their main weekday guest base that, due to the casino aspect of the resort, consists of groups. On weekends however, numbers of those traveling predominantly for leisure tend to increase. With ZMail, such guests nonetheless receive tailored promotions and surveys, thereby producing the same heightened potential for a response and/or upgrade request.
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