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Elsafe's SENTINEL II In-Room Safes to be Featured in GUESTROOM 20X at HITEC

VingCard Elsafe, a hospitality and security provider and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, today announced that the SENTINEL II RFID by Elsafe has been selected as a contributor to the elite and modern GUESTROOM 20X display at HITEC 2010, June 22 - 24 in Orlando, Florida.

SENTINEL II by Elsafe Technology remains a trustworthy source for in-room safes, manufactured with the exclusive UL-1037 certification after passing extensive testing from Underwriter Laboratories Inc., a reliable and professional testing organization. With the SENTINEL II series, Elsafe was the premier safe design to also accommodate both RFID/NFC technology and VISIONLINE RF-online options for hotel and in-room safes. The technological strength of SENTINEL II RFID is outfitted with all main RFID ISO standards (ISO14443 A-MIFARE, ISO 14443 B, ISO 15693) and the new Near Field Communication (NFC) secure transaction platform which is compatible with cell phone technology worldwide. The new safe series has upgraded its system, changing from the standard Sentinel II safe to the RFID compatible system with a wireless RF- Online Platform for remote communication with a central server for both SENTINEL II digital and RFID.

The SENTINEL II features Elsafe's exclusive anti-cloning technology and works in tandem with VingCard's Signature RFID/NFC contact-less electronic lock, meaning the in-room safe can only be opened with the designated RFID guest device (such as a keycard, wristband or key fob) or an NFC-equipped cell phone. This represents a major improvement when compared to older mag-stripe operated safes which can be opened with a valid guest card or any valid guest-card copy issued at reception. Since guests often leave the spare copy unattended in the room, traditional mag-stripe safes can sometimes present a security challenge.

The unrivaled security standard of the SENTINEL II RFID compatible safes are packaged in a modern design for the quality searching, design conscious hoteliers that desire reliable technology with an aesthetically pleasing unit. Venas also said that while many in-room safes may seem similar, the technology of the SENTINEL II safe remains matchless. Features such as the industry leading audit trail and an attractive and functional design are secondary to the four unique features that make SENTINEL II the premiere hospitality market safe:

  • Hook-style interlocking mechanism
  • Anti-tamper labyrinth mechanism that avoids reaching the electronics
  • Solid piece, cold-pressed curved steel door that provides additional strength
  • Extended solid steel hinges permanently arc-welded to the door

SENTINEL II safes can hold up to a 17-inch laptop computer, and an optional internal power outlet is available on the inside of the safe door for guest convenience. In addition, the safe has been designed to accommodate external battery changes so internal contents are not disturbed in a battery must be replaced.

The 2010 GUESTROOM 20X, a model hotel room presenting the latest hotel innovation technologies such as VingCard's Elsafe's SENTINEL II RFID in-room safes, will be exhibited beginning June 22 during HITEC at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

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