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Dolce Hotels and Resorts Taps Libra OnDemand for Customer Profiles

Dolce Hotels and Resorts  has selected Libra OnDemand for its Hospitality Management System. The customer relationship management (CRM) tool allows Dolce to create comprehensive guest profiles, including tracking of preferences, which is shareable across Dolce’s entire portfolio. Dolce uses the Libra OnDemand tool to interface with its corporate marketing platform and to generate pre- and post-stay confirmation emails and other guest correspondence.
In addition Dolce is using Libra OnDemand to identify high-value guests and ensure that the proper level of service is provided to them.?
"We wanted to find out who our guests are—what their interests are, what VIP spend should look like—but it's grown to become a property-level tool that can really affect guest service," says John Edwards, Dolce's Corporate Director of Information Technology. "At the hotel level, we will use Libra as a tool to look up guests and find out what we know about them, including their past guest survey scores and any issues they may have had."? ?
Dolce also takes advantage of the fact that Libra OnDemand’s hospitality solutions are natively built using cloud technologies, meaning the applications available to interface with the system are virtually infinite. This has saved Dolce time and money in terms of data security. The Libra OnDemand tool is accessible through any web browser and compatible with almost every major property management system.
“Each country has its own unique requirements on data security, but the Libra system takes care of figuring all of that out for me automatically,” Edwards says. “More to the point, with a traditional CRM system, I would have to stand up data centers in any given country we do business in; with Libra, that’s not necessary.”
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