DigitalPersona Expands Suite of Biometric Security Software

DigitalPersona, Inc., a leader in fingerprint identity and authentication solutions, today expanded its suite of enterprise security software with the new DigitalPersona Pro ID Server. This software enables Microsoft Windows-based PCs and networks to recognize thousands of users in Active Directory solely by their fingerprint. The ID Server eliminates the need for users to remember and type login names or enter other forms of identification. This shifts the responsibility for securing access to critical resources from the user to the network, giving businesses greater control and security.

The DigitalPersona Pro ID Server also simplifies provisioning and helpdesk support, allowing call centers, hospitals and other organizations to provide access to line-of-business applications more efficiently. Many time-critical applications, such as electronic medical records software in hospitals, are accessed from kiosk-style computers by multiple people within an organization on an ongoing basis. The ID Server helps businesses cut the escalating burdens and risks posed by users who lose, forget or share usernames and passwords.

The ID Server runs on the DigitalPersona Pro Server and identifies Active Directory users according to their fingerprints. The highly-scalable software can recognize a single person from among thousands of users in less than a second. This makes true "touch-and-go" authentication possible for login to Windows, Active Directory-managed networks, shared-account kiosks, and a wide range of business applications - including Citrix or legacy green-screen applications, and Web or cloud-based applications (including ones that require Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.5).

Pricing and availability
The DigitalPersona ID Server is offered as an add-on for DigitalPersona Pro 4.4 on Windows Server platforms. It is available now to enterprise organizations of all sizes from DigitalPersona and its worldwide network of solution providers with a list price of $3,995. For more information, please visit
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