Digital Door Viewer Eliminates Threat of Peephole Reversing

The old-fashioned peephole is creating additional threats to hotel guest safety and privacy: reversing the peephole or using reverse peephole technology to see into the room. Security violations like these can be defeated by replacing unsafe peepholes with state of the art equipment such as First View Security's Digital Door Viewer.

The standard peephole is a primitive device. Composed of a metal tube and simple lenses, it provides a straight line of sight from inside the room to the outside and vice versa. The peephole lets light pass both ways allowing persons on the outside to see directly into the room. The peephole is clearly not capable of providing the level of security needed by today's travelers.

Fortunately, digital imaging technology eliminates the possibility of seeing into the room from the outside. The Digital Door Viewer (DDV) uses a high quality digital camera and a large LCD monitor to create a secure electronic viewing system. This technology does away with the peephole's straight line of site and makes reverse viewing totally impossible.

Travelers today, have a right to the highest level of security available. Hotels must think beyond corporation-centric security systems and see the problem from their guests' perspective in order to provide the essentials that travelers want most: personal security and safety. The stakes are high. Equipping guestrooms with Digital Door Viewers is one simple solution to enhancing essential protection for both travelers and their hosts.
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