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Concierge Kiosk Solution Enhances Customer Service

ARINC Managed Services, LLC (AMS) has announced the introduction of microFIDS Plus with a major features upgrade to its highly successful microFIDS flight information system. The AMS microFIDS systems offer the same up-to-the-minute flight information found in airport terminals, but in a compact format that can be easily located in hotels, car rental facilities, shuttle buses, airport concessions, or passenger areas where conventional flight information displays aren’t feasible. The addition of the new features to microFIDS Plus introduces even more sophisticated technology and versatility at a very affordable price, opening doors for more customers to realize the customer service and revenue benefits of microFIDS. The flexible system can be hardwired or wireless.
In addition to providing real-time flight information customizable with news, weather, local information, and custom content, new microFIDS Plus functionality includes:
Enhanced graphics for robust customization: enabling easy development of concierge information kiosks. Operators can add local area content on restaurants, transportation, and other user-relevant data to a touch screen display, and offer way-finding information to help guests quickly and easily reach their destinations.
Facial recognition capability for smart targeting: allows ads to be targeted by demographic or used to gather behavioral data to more effectively target information.
Since its launch in 2011, microFIDS has earned a strong following in the hotel, rental car, and airport concessions markets, where it provides a cost-effective and simple way to bring patrons the air travel and other information they need on a convenient self-service basis. These customer service benefits are combined with revenue-generating potential, as operators can also display their own promotions or third-party paid advertising on microFIDS screens.

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