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Coffee Shop Manager Now Available with the HP Slate 2 Tablet PC

Coffee Shop Manager (CSM), a Granbury Restaurant Solutions product, has announced that the company’s latest software is now available with the HP Slate 2 tablet PC. The new release promises to improve the point of sale options for specialty coffee retailers, with features including an integrated card reader, an optional bar code scanner, and built-in payment processing from Mercury Payment Systems.
In addition to being able to go directly to the customer to take orders and payments wherever they are in the retail location, merchants can also dock a cash drawer to the Slate 2. Combined with Mercury’s reliable, secure transactions, Slate 2 with CSM streamlines payments for the busiest merchants. Mercury also offers free, 24/7 customer support, free gift card transactions, access to customized online transaction reports, and continuous processing in the event of a network outage. 

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