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Cloud-Based Software Helps Holiday Inn Express Meet Workforce Management Demands in Real-Time

Like most hotel general managers, Michael Vassell, general manager for the Holiday Inn Express in Tavares, Florida, is busy juggling multiple properties. His 27 employees work various hours around the clock. To better manage time and attendance in an industry that is always “on,” this general manager chose Lathem’s PayClock Online time and attendance system to meet the hotel’s workforce management demands and keep business running smoothly.

As GM of several hotel properties, Vassell is always on the go, traveling, working from home, and sometimes in the office. In the past, he would get a call from an employee about a discrepancy in hours, or an inquiry about time off, and he would make a note and address it when he returned to the hotel location. This resulted in inefficiency and errors.

Vassell needed a solution that offered the flexibility of managing employee time and payroll information remotely and quickly, whenever and wherever he was located. When he heard about the cloud-based PayClock Online solution that al­lows users to access and manage employee time, anywhere and anytime, he was enthusiastic about the advantages.

Software solution for anytime, anywhere
Lathem’s PayClock Online enables Vassell to manage time and attendance for his employees at his convenience. Regardless of where he’s located, he can now access employee time records and information at any time, day or night, make changes, resolve issues and integrate this data into his payroll system. Because the web-based PayClock Online software works seamlessly with the existing Lathem PC60 time clock, Vassell doesn’t have to deal with outdated magnetic swipe cards that break easily and are expensive to replace.

Employees wave their proximity ID badges in front of the PC60 time clock and immediately their time is entered into the centralized system. Vassell sees who clocks in and out and from which location all in real-time.

“Employees love it,” Vassell shares. “The system tells them how many hours they’ve accumulated to date, and if there’s a discrepancy, it can be resolved early. All sides are happy.”

PayClock Online also comes with free setup and live customer support as part of Lathem’s 6-Point Assurance Program™. “I’ve seen other products, but they’re not up to the standard of PayClock Online,” Vassell says. “Once I found out I could process payroll online, I never looked back. It’s perfect for what I need.”

Lathem’s PayClock Online offers key advantages in managing time and attendance. The cloud-based system makes data available anytime, any­where on a web-enabled PC, Mac or mobile device. There isn’t anyo software to install or maintain by the customer. Businesses can pay by the month and only for the employees actively tracking their time.

It supports multiple locations and users and integrates with popular payroll software systems. PayClock also provides employees with fast and convenient web-based access to review their time card information. Two editions are available to fit an organization’s specific needs: Standard or Enterprise. Businesses can choose from a variety of methods to record employees’ time, including Lathem’s time clocks, PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

Ultimately, PayClock allows managers to track and control time and attendance anytime, anywhere.  “PayClock Online is perfect for managing multiple properties,” Vassell concludes. “There are so many advantages for a hotel manager. It’s excellent.”  
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