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CaliBurger Intros Tech-Heavy Mobile and In-Store Marketing/Loyalty Program

CaliBurger has announced that it has fully launched the “Premium Cali Eco-system" in its company owned and franchised restaurants. This type of in-store and online branding is on the cutting edge of content marketing.
Not only does the Premium Cali Eco-system offer consumers an increased sense of brand loyalty, but will also offer each of the brand’s franchisees additional revenue streams as well as fully implemented and packaged local store marketing tactics. Finally, Premium Cali allows growing California artists and brands a channel to attract international audiences and establish “use” of their registered trademarks in global markets.
The Premium Cali Eco-System comprises six key elements:
Premium Cali Video Walls: Each Caliburger retail location has large "Video Walls" that are a dominating feature of the CaliBurger experience.The Video Walls display Premium Cali TV, which is a TV program featuring stories about the hottest musicians, artists, fashion brands, and lifestyle brands in both California and local markets. The content includes interviews, music videos, action footage, and some dramatic explorations of the personalities behind the latest cultural trends.
Premium Cali Radio: The background music in CaliBurger restaurants consists of songs from Premium Cali musicians.These musicians are emerging stars from both Los Angeles and local cities where CaliBurger restaurants are located.
Premium Cali In-Store Materials: Each month different stickers are placed on the tables featuring a different Premium Cali person or brand. QR Codes on the stickers allow CaliBurger customers to use their smart phones to immediately download Premium Cali music, purchase Premium Cali special product offerings, participate in Premium Cali contests, or register for upcoming local Premium Cali events.
Premium Cali E-Commerce System: Specific product offerings related to Premium Cali people and brands are available for purchase at
Premium Cali Local Social Events: Each restaurant has periodic, local events related to Premium Cali content. For example, Premium Cali artist Caroline Campbell performed at Caliburger restaurants throughout China in her last professional tour of China.
Premium Cali Smart Phone App: In 2014, CaliBurger will launch a Premium Cali  Smart Phone App that allows customers to earn points toward free meals, buy meals for their friends, download and purchase Premium Cali content and products, nominate and  vote on potential Premium Cali artists and brands, and order take out or delivery from  nearby CaliBurger restaurants.
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